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Quality Installation of Engineered Hardwood in Toronto

The term engineered means designing something following scientific patterns. This implies that engineered hardwood is not like normal hardwood. It is more like innovation to normal hardwood that provides different functionality, style, and real hardwood appearance. With deep studying and experimenting, engineered hardwood came as a hardwood flooring solution at economic rates.

So, if you are looking for luxurious and long-lasting floors at the best rates, this engineered hardwood should be your first priority.

There are different reasons why you should choose engineered hardwood. One of the reasons is that it is long-lasting. Furthermore, the installation process is quick and easy by floating installation or gluing installation where no nails are used. In this way, you can easily get the results you want at minimal rates.

Keep on reading if you want more reasons to choose our engineered hardwood.

What Is Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

As the name suggests, this material is not simple hardwood, but it looks like a plyboard with the top hardwood surface. This makes it look like the actual hardwood, but it serves in more features.

Engineered hardwood is made of different shrill layers that are glued and joined together to look like a single wood board. This process is called cross-ply construction, and after the combination of various layers, a thin layer of hardwood, also known as the veneer, is glued on top. The thickness of the top layer regulates the amount of sanding you can do.

So, engineered hardwood is the blend of hardwood looks with engineered features.

Benefits of Getting Our Engineered Hardwood

Compared to the normal hardwood, it may or may not have a lot of benefits because it all comes down to customer preferences. However, we got a lot of positive feedback in Toronto for our hardwood floor installation.

So, here are some of the best features of engineered hardwood and its benefits.

Long-lasting & Tough

Engineered hardwood has proved to become a long-lasting and durable option. Where you might think of hardwood as the first durable option, the engineered floor can also last up to 25 to 30 years.

Why? Because the material is made of various layers of wood making it strong and durable. Trust me; this is a lot you are getting at this price.

Easy to Manage

The thickness of the top layer decides the number of times you can polish them. If hardwood is well installed with the top layer thickness of 3/16ths, it can be really easy to refinish three or more times.

However, the lesser thickness can also benefit you, but you cannot polish them more than two or three times.

Likewise, it also depends on the quality of installation and material (that we do in Tycan Flooring).

Easy To Clean

Another benefit is that you can clean an engineered floor effortlessly. Regular vacuuming or a slightly damp mop can easily remove the spills and provide an in-depth cleanse. Also, you can use brooming to lose dirt and debris from the surface. It is all really easy with our engineered floors.

Look Exquisite

Just like the solid hardwood, the floor looks amazing with engineered hardwood. It comes with a variety of surface designs that you can choose from, and each one of those is prefinished. You can pick them directly and get them installed.

Easy and calm installation methods

Along with other installation processes (nailing and stapling), engineered hardwood can also be installed with two other methods. Glue down is one method that is usually done over a concrete sub-floor, and it comes with various benefits. The major benefit is that this method is quieter & There is less screeching.

Another method for installing engineered hardwood is floating installation. This one is far more innovative, and there is no need for nails and glue in it. In this method, you simply use the tongue and groove system to install them. The best part is you can easily install this over an uneven surface, and it is evenly stable on that.

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Tycan Flooring has been serving GTA for 15 years in quality installation of floors. Our responsive team would help you choose the perfect layout of engineered hardwood that matches your house’s outline.

This does not end here, but you can also get a free quote in a day or less and get a new floor installed in two to three weeks. Our quick service makes us the customer’s first priority and leads to many repeat customers.

On the other hand, our professional and well-equipped staff knows every inch and pinch about top-quality installation. They do it perfectly and leaves no error so that you never have to redo it. Moreover, you would not have to waste a lot of money on quality services. Thus, if you want a new floor installed whether its laminate or vinyl at revolutionary rates, feel free to contact us.

Other than that, you can also call us anytime if you want any recommendations regarding flooring and choosing between the floor types.



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